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Information is critical to anyone charged with risk management. Below is a listing of relevant, real time industry insights we have complied. Follow us to stay up to date on what we are reading and thinking.

Swiss Re estimates $370M in economic losses during 2011

Swiss Re’s most recent Sigma publication estimates $370M in economic losses last year with one third of it being insured. This is a 142% increase over their 2010 estimate.

This announcement is the latest insurance company press release citing crushing losses or a lack of profitability in recent years.

The insurance market remains well capitalized and it many sectors attempts to increase rate are rebuffed by continued competition for new business. Increases in reinsurance rates are causing many primary insurance companies to retain more risk on their balance sheets.

Calculated Risk Advisors is telling clients to continue to maintain a strong vigil on the financial health of companies they transfer risk too.  With losses mounting and unprofitable underwriting continuing organizations must be extra vigilant in monitoring solvency on their insurance partners.

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Rush Sues Architect, Engineering Firm That Worked On New Hospital

A series of articles have leaked about a lawsuit brought by Rush University Medical Center against the firm hired to design their new hospital. Oversights like the one described in this article are not uncommon in complex projects and show the need to design a coordinated liability program, including clear contracts and insurance policies, to prevent costly legal battles. Calculated Risk Advisors works with clients to consult in building integrated solutions.

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Northwestern physicians file suit over doctor’s defection

This article is a public display of costly negotiations that normally take place behind closed doors. Consolidation in all industries and physician hiring by health systems are causing employment practices liability costs to skyrocket. Calculated Risk Advisors has proven strategies to manage this exposure.

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Law Firms Pony Up for Insurance

A recent WSJ story and blog post have noted the rise in litgation costs for Law Firms. We are seeing pressure on renewals of both professional liability and employment practices liability insurance policies. Calculated Risk Advisors has developed strategies to help our clients navigate  the changing litigation landscape.

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News Reports on Large Healthcare Losses

A Hiscox Press Release on “Super Losses”  in the Healthcare Industry has been circulating and is being cited by many media sources.

We’ve added links to their list with relevant information on the cases (many of which will be reduced on appeal or had high/lows in place).

Date State Award  
March 2010 New York $60.9m Negligence at birth
July 2010 California $670m Inadequate staffing at assisted-living facilities
July 2010 Florida $114m Wrongful death suit against a nursing home
May 2011 Connecticut $58.6m Negligence at birth
August 2011 West Virginia $91.5m Nursing home negligence
October 2011 Michigan $144m Negligence at birth
January 2012 Florida $168m Brain damage following surgery

N0t listed is the recent $900M judgement against a bankrupt Florida nursing home.

These recent verdicts are knocks to the industry who had stabilized verdict amounts in recent years, largely due to the change in heart about trying cases. These verdicts make insurance carriers much less likely to take a case to court and risk a bad faith claim. It also sets a new standard for ambitious plaintiff attorneys. Calculated Risk Advisors has developed a number of new strategies for clients to protect themselves against “Super Losses” in this changing litigation environment.

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Towers Watson Releases Q4 2011 Pricing Data

Towers Watson has updated their quarterly pricing data for commercial insurance showing a continued trend of rates being pushed slightly upward. Although the upward trend seems to be accelerating excess capacity the market should prevent a significant upswing in the near future.

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