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Information is critical to anyone charged with risk management. Below is a listing of relevant, real time industry insights we have complied. Follow us to stay up to date on what we are reading and thinking.

Second Large Baltimore Verdict

A $21M Verdict was awarded to the parents of a nine year old with severe cerebral palsy in Baltimore, this follows a $55M verdict in the same city earlier this summer.

Contact Calculated Risk Advisors today to discuss better protecting your organization.

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Underfunded Pension Liabilities Grow

A release by Milliman – an independent actuarial firm – shows that for the 100 largest corporate defined benefit plans in the country, pension liabilities as a whole grew in July.  Milliman explains that liabilities rose by $133 billion in July, while gains on investments were only $13 billion.  This increased the total unfunded amount to $533 billion for the segment studied.  In another news release, the Governor of Illinois explained that without pension reform, Illinois may spend more on pension liabilities than on education in 2016 to begin to make up their shortfall.

With pension funding becoming a heated topic, Calculated Risk Advisors explains that an underfunded pension liability can impact a firm greatly.  The firm administrators, sponsors and fiduciaries are at risk of a lawsuit if a pension cannot meet its obligations.  A funding shortfall can also impact the valuation of a firm as it looks to be acquired.  To learn more about how to protect yourself from these scenarios, contact a broker at Calculated Risk Advisors today.

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Hiring Practices and Social Networks

On August 1st, the Governor of Illinois signed into law H.B. 3782.  This bill makes it unlawful for an employer to ask for the username, password or any account details of a social networking site from a prospective employee.  Social media and social networking is a quickly evolving field and the laws are ever-changing to keep up.

Calculated Risk Advisors explains that a company must be careful how it uses social networking websites in the hiring process.  Obtaining Employment practices liability insurance and counsel from a labor law attorney are two necessities to navigate the hiring environment today.  Contact us today for additional information on ways to protect your organization from lawsuits.

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$15M Colorado Medical Malpractice Award

A Colorado Springs jury has awarded $15M for a emergency room misdiagnosis that left him paralyzed. The verdict is the largest in Colorado history.

The actual payout will be much lower than the $15M, as 2/3 of the amount was pain and suffering. The state caps non-economic damages at $300,000. The plaintiff had also settled with the hospital for their share before the verdict was rendered.

Contact Calculated Risk Advisors today to discuss protecting yourself against catastrophic verdicts.

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Missouri Strikes Down Damage Caps

The Supreme Court of Missouri has struck down a 2005 law that limited non-economic damages to $350,000.

The formal ruling is available here.

Calculated Risk Advisors reminds it’s clients that the legal environment is constantly changing and helps hedge against adverse reactions by the insurance market. Contact us today to discuss.

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Nielsen Accused of Indian Bribes

A television network in India has filed a suit against Nielsen in the New York State Supreme Court. The lawsuit alleges that Nielson’s Indian arm, TAM Media Research, has manipulated ratings in exchange for bribes. The plaintiff, New Dehli Television, claims that nearly one billion dollars in advertising revenue was lost because of the false ratings.

While this particular case is new, Calculated Risk Advisors reminds clients that violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) are not new. International corporations need to train employees on the FCPA to prevent instances or allegations of bribery and other corrupt practices from being levied against the company. Calculated Risk Advisors advises any company operating internationally to purchase directors and officers liability coverage that provides limited coverage against FCPA claims.

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Chubb Culling Professional Liability Book

During Chubb‘s 2nd Quarter 2012 Earnings Call CEO John D Finnegan announced that they were in the process of “culling” the Chubb professional liability book of business. Chubb writes almost $1.1B of professional liability and reported a combined ratio of 98% on the book.

Finnegan remarked “We’d like the professional liability business long-term, but current market conditions being what they are, this is not the time to be aggressively growing the book. We are willing to accept the decline in retention and new business as we reprofile the book for improved profitability.”

Directors and Officers liability was specifically addressed by the company but they did not comment on how hard other lines would be affected.

A transcript of the 2nd Quarter call is available at Seeking Alpha.

Contact Calculated Risk Advisors with any questions on the current state of the market.

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Aon LTC Claims Study

Broker Aon released their 2012 Long Term Care claims study. The study suggests that frequency has been flat but severity of claims has come up.

Calculated Risk Advisors suggests taking the study at face value – it includes 37 (likely large chains) of senior care facilities. Large chains have taken the brunt of large claims during the time period, the study size is also limited over a short period of time.

Contact CRA today to discuss the state of the Long Term Care liability market.

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Dewey LeBoeuf holds $50M D&O Policy

Partners at bankrupt law firm Dewey and LeBoeuf are benefiting from a $50M Directors and Officers insurance policy the firm took out last October. According to news sources the carriers on the program include OneBeacon, XL and Iron-Starr.

Calculated Risk Advisors works with their clients to ensure adequate defense coverage for allegations of mismanagement against firm principals. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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Report on Air Ambulance Cost and Safety Concerns

A report in Modern Healthcare cites growing concerns with air ambulance services. Rural patients access to specialists must be weighed against the cost and risks of using helicopters to transport them.

The FAA has implementing new safety requirements. Although the number deadly accidents have come down recently there are still high profile tragedies – in December 2011 a heart surgeon and tech were killed and and in August of 2011 a helicopter went down killing three crew members and a patient.

Calculated Risk Advisors works with their healthcare clients to protect against the direct and vicarious liability that comes from accidents when transporting patients, contact a broker today to discuss.

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