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Information is critical to anyone charged with risk management. Below is a listing of relevant, real time industry insights we have complied. Follow us to stay up to date on what we are reading and thinking.

ABA Claim Study Finds Interesting Results for Law Firms and Real Estate Exposures

After studying 53,000 insurance claims over a three year period from 2008-2011, the American Bar Association (ABA) has recently released it findings.  The specific claims studied were those brought against law firms for malpractice and are outlined in a public release.  While specifically for the legal industry, these lessons can be useful risk management tips for real estate firms, title agents and anyone handling sensitive or timely data for clients.

Calculated Risk Advisors pulls ideas across industries to apply to their client’s individual situation.  Contact us today for a risk assessment of your firm and to discuss navigating a changing liability insurance market.

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Healthcare M&A Volume Dips, Value Rises

A report from Modern Healthcare reports 32% less deals in Q2 than Q1 2012, although they show the aggregate value of the deals to be larger.

Most experts agree that even with uncertainty around the end state of healthcare reform, consolidation is inevitable.

Contact Calculated Risk Advisors if your organization is exploring merging, acquiring or selling. Structuring an efficient insurance program before entering a transaction will provide a cleaner and more efficient transaction.

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Ex-CIO of Mayer Brown charged with embezzlement of $850,000

David Tresch, the former Chief Information Officer of Mayer Brown, was arrested on charges of embezzlement.  Mr. Tresch was responsible for the approval of payments to vendors – one of which he had an ownership interest in.  In May of 2011 Mayer Brown decided to stop using that vendor, but the payments David Tresch sent to them did not cease.  It is alleged that nearly $1M in payments were falsely sent to the vendor, most of which were kicked back to Tresch.

This situation reveals four key points a firm’s must consider in their risk management program to prevent similar situations:

  1. A firm must have a segregation of duties in vendor payments.  The same person who approves the payment should be different from the person balancing the books and the person reviewing invoices.
  2. A firm should maintain an updated approved vendor list.  Once a firm decides to disengage from a vendor, they should be removed from the vendor list and no further work or payments should be approved
  3. A firm should require that employees of the firm disclosure any interests or familial relationships in a vendor the firm does business with.
  4. A firm should maintain employee theft(fidelity) insurance for situations like these.  It is also important to review the policy form to make sure that “officers, directors and partners” are not excluded from coverage.

If you have questions about how your firm can better protect itself from situations such as these, contact Calculated Risk Advisors today.

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Large Texas Verdict Reduced

A Texas Appeals Court has once again upheld the state cap on non-economic damages, reducing a $14.75M malpractice jury award by $9.5M. $11M had been allocated to pain and suffering. This continues the trend of courts following the 2003 state reform law that took Texas from once of the riskiest places to try a malpractice case to one of the best.

Contact Calculated Risk Advisors to discuss better positioning your organization to navigate changing legal environments.

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$33M Settlement Over Unconventional Spinal Procedures

Two Physicians, a hospital and their insurance companies have agreed to a $33M settlement in a case over an unconventional spinal procedure.

The hospital has filed for bankruptcy protection. Quorum, the third party manager, is participating in the settlement.

Calculated Risk Advisors works with health care organizations to protect against bankruptcy, malpractice or fraud by third parties. Contact us today to better protect your organization from being pulled into expensive legal proceedings.

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Report: New Spent $134M On Malpractice Claims YTD

A report cites that the city of New York has spent $134M on Medical Malpractice cases at it’s 11 hospitals this year and spent over $500M from 2008-2011.

Calculated Risk Advisors provides innovative techniques to help clients handle complicated risk financing situations.

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$28.45M Florida Meningitis Verdict

A South Florida Jury has awarded a child’s family  $28.45M from a misdiagnosis of meningitis that occurred when the seven year old was an infant. The verdict will likely be reduced by $11M if the cap on pain and suffering is upheld in the current review by the Florida Supreme Court.

Calculated Risk Advisors works with organizations to structure insurance programs that protect organizations for adverse verdicts and events.

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Legal Counsel hit with $50M Verdict

Daivd Bergstein, a film financier, has won a $50M verdict against his former counsel for committing legal malpractice and breaching fiduciary duties. The award included $500,000 in punitive damages. Bergstein has a number of similar cases against former advisors working their way through the court system.

Contact Calculated Risk Advisors to discuss your coverage today.

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Kindred Malpractice Costs

Kindred Healthcare has reported that in 2011 it made $80M in profit after accounting for $70M in Malpractice costs, the company is considering moving it’s nursing home business from Kentucky to a more favorable malpractice venue.

Calculated Risk Advisors works with clients to structure financing options to protect against adverse medical malpractice environments.

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$24.2M Louisiana Jury Award

A jury in Jefferson Parish Louisiana has awarded $24.2M to the family of a brain damaged child who was injured during surgery by a malfunctioning infusion pump.

The medical device manufactures had previously settled and were not responsible for their 65% liability.  The hospital involved paid out $100,000 and the state patient compensation fund picked up the excess award.

Calculated Risk Advisors reminds it’s clients to insure they are properly covered by patient compensation funds to protect against unnecessary liability.

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