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Hidden risks: Vicarious and Contingent Liability

Hidden risks: Vicarious and Contingent Liability
October 17, 2012 tfirestine

Several recent highly publicized issues show the need to review contracts, insurance requirements for business partners and the insurance your organization carries.

A widely publicized recall of contaminated steroids highlights many professional liability exposures and possible coverage gaps facing professional organizations. A compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts has distributed enough contaminated injections to possibly infect 13,000 people. According to the CDC 76 facilities in 23 states are exposed. The facilities receiving and dispensing the drugs will likely be named in the coming lawsuits, even though the compounding pharmacy is the likely the source of the negligence.

The Jerry Sandusky fallout is also pulling in unsuspecting parties, a PA psychiatric center who referred a teen to Sandusky’s summer camp is being sued for malpractice for making the referral.

Calculated Risk Advisors works with professional service firms to better protect against allegations of malpractice and negligence, helping them think through their contingent liability exposures.